Coulthard’s Pools & Spas Recognized as One of The Best Dealerships

Coulthard’s Pools & Spas has been offering the best pool deals and installation and hot tub and spa installation and service in Oxford County and Franklin County since the Coulthard family opened the business in 1985. “Striving to provide great service is what keeps our customers coming back,” Craig Coulthard says.

Wonderful Pool & Spa Service Leads to Company Growth

Coulthard’s Pools & Spas started out in 1985 as a small business in the basment of owners Craig and Rebecca Coulthard in Dixfield while expecting their first child. The business remained there for ten years until it grew so much that it required the Coulthards to move the business to accommodate the increased business. Word has spread that their pool, hot tub and spa service was one of the best around.

Check Us Out For Year-Round Service in River Valley

It is now a thriving, year-round business selling pools and hot tubs and doing matentence for the River Valley of Maine and beyond. The Coulthards sold pools and hot tubs from their home, but now they have a whole showroom, eight full-time and three part-time employees. Some of their employees are sons, daughters, brothers and sisters of past employees.

Trust Us To Know Pool & Hot Tub Technology

The Coulthard’s staff includes technicians who have been on the staff for more than 15 years. In order to stay ahead of the competition, the staff, including the owners, attend annual seminars and conventions that enable them to keep up on the current industry trends and technologies.

Customers Keep Coming Back for Quality Service

The Coulthards have developed a bond with their long-time customers, some of whom have been returning for the best service since the start. They estimate that 85 percent of their business is repeat customers.

“Nothing’s As Cool As a Pool”

The staff at Coulthard’s Pools & Spas knows that selling and servicing pools in Maine is a challenge and sometimes can be unpredictable. But the Coulthards like to say “Nothing’s as cool as a pool.”